Recently, I was going through a relatively bad phase of my life, as many say. But, I came out of it in a few days and I am now heading in a completely new direction. Change is for the better! 🙂 And it is true. This failure has taught me a lot and I am really thankful to the person who has put me in this situation. I am also grateful to those who’ve shown their concern towards me, stood by me in this low time and made me stand up again.

In these moments of self revelation, I have eyed myself intently and discovered myself in a new way. Never before this have I come across my potential and observed my limitations so clearly. These “low days” have been my best gift ever. They’ve taught me to see the world and more importantly, myself in a new light. 🙂

Now, when I look back, I feel what an idiot I was. A stupid young lady who used to brood over every single thing and throw tantrums for every other. Will you believe (after reading these lines which reveal a flow of positivity) that I was suffering from major clinical depression? I know it’s hard to believe but you have no choice! 🙂

I found out, lately, what has created this new, vibrant me. It is Positive Energy. It is Positive Energy that people around me have gifted me and it is this same energy which keeps me going these days. So much so that, now, I can understand within a second (consciously), who is sending me positive vibes and who is not. 🙂 The simplest way with which I began, was by asking the other person “How are you?”  If this person says, “I am Great! How do you do?” then stay relaxed, this person is full of positive energy and this energy will fill you with the power that you need to go ahead. However, if you get a reply that begins with all the qualms and problems of this other person’s life, then beware. This person has negative energy and you need to stay away. Or else, this person will send you negative vibes and you may lose your soul in melancholy, just as this other person is. And then you get stuck up and so does your work and so does your progress.

I understand, the first question that rises, asks, “But if a person is fragile at heart? then?” Let me tell you, even I was the same kind. But now I have changed. Once you start gathering positive energy from all ends, you also start becoming one of the sources of positive energy. Your negative energy starts diminishing and your heart becomes stronger. Once the heart, the mind stronger and positive, you never have any negative emotions or qualms towards anything. Tell me your experiences… Awaiting…..