Thinking of those gone days
When I was lying in your arms
I, now, feel dejected…

I wish I could continue with that life for ever
I wish our life was the same as we desired
But if wishes had the power…
We wouldn’t have gone away…

I never thought of the world around,
Life meant me and you,
Our aspirations, our dreams,
Our words, our verse,
Nothing was yours,
Nothing was mine.

I was so used to your better self
I could not believe the bitter side
I could not tolerate the other way
And so, one fine day,
I left you and came this way.

Now, when I am far away,
I realize the pang that the heart felt then.
I feel the poetry inside me dying,
I feel my self suffocating.

I wish I could fight myself.
I hurt you so much,
Now, I can not come back
Nor can I ask you to call me.

I only can spend life thinking,
Imagining the warm body of yours,
The cozy embrace,
The poetry that smiled between us,
The verse that took birth
Due to our union…
And the life that I could call “Life”