Longing… Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

The longing to see you
And feel you and live you
Stirs my soul to destruction.

You’ve come my way,
Given me a life,
And then left me alone
On this stony path.

Who will, then, care
To know who I am?
When you have left me
With nothing to say?

All I have now
Is this parched soul
That seeks your respite
And be part of your life.

I search for you
Amidst the hundred faces
That come before me.
And console myself
Saying, You still love me.

These untrue words
Mean nothing to my heart
Which is sure of one thing
That you have disowned me.



Dance India Dance… the new dance show on Zee TV Sunday, Mar 15 2009 

Zee TV has always tried to outshine against the other rival channels, but to no avail. Its wide range of daily soaps do not contain the spark that a Star Plus or Sony TV or Star One offers. Though the storyline of all the soaps is almost similar and in competition with the competitors, the cast and crew is disappointing.

However, one sees Zee TV’s honest endeavors when it comes to bringing into limelight “true talent”. SaReGaMa was the first reality TV show which brought to the fore some of the best singers of the current times. Not only when the show was hosted by Sonu Nigam was the show a hit, even when Shaan took the responsibility of being an anchor, the show still had its charm. Shaan has a mellifluous voice, coupled with his passionate and sensuous treble and base vocals. (By now, you must know that I am a die hard fan of Shaan… met him just once and I still wonder how I sang before him… ehhhh… nostalgia…. what a day it was :)) umm hmm… we must be back to our topic. :p SaReGaMaPa showcased amazing talent. The singers were just brilliant. Of course, there were some mediocre singers but there were some others who belonged to the “superlative” clan. πŸ™‚

After this talent (or let’s say “singer”) hunt, Zee went into search for some real good dancing jewels and they brought “Dance India Dance” to the fore. πŸ™‚ I can not qoute the TRP of this show but I strongly believe that it is one of the best dance shows ever seen on Indian television. These days, where the audience has now become aware of TRP tricks, this show offers pure entertainment. Such a relief! (I am talking of least TRP tricks on this show, not of “NO TRP TRICKS” :p)

Whats best on this show is the whole “on-screen” team (except the anchors). Finest dancers, brilliant choreographers and sheer entertainment. These dancers explicitly reveal the passion that they hold for dance. Every move, every shake is full of verve. Creativity at its blossom. Expert comments. (though I am not a dancer, I am keen at listening to them. as if someone is enlightening me about the world called “dance”:)) The lifts, moves, the style with which these dancers perform is beyond words!!! (in fact, at some points, when these dancers perform such stunts, my heart palpitates fearing he/she would fall or get hurt… but they are winners, all of them.)They do not know fear… neither of losing themselves, nor of losing this battle. As a singer, I learn a great deal from these dancers.. Long live all art forms!!! πŸ™‚

Holi Hain!!! Tuesday, Mar 10 2009 

The festival of Holi is here! People around me are so excited about it. I, too, am. But not for the color, not for the fun… I love to see the full moon on the night of Holi… The beauty of night’s reigning queen is beyond human comprehension. πŸ™‚

As usual, I drift from the topic. Why I wanted to write this post was because I wanted to bring into limelight, the festival of colors. People get up early in the morning (normally on a holiday, they sleep for hours together to enjoy the day off). Then they walk out of their houses with loads of color and paint each others’ face. This is the face of the good Holi.

Now lets talk of the bad one. There are some miscreants who indulge in evil deeds. For them, Holi is the festival of enjoyment… of applying color on the cheeks and the body of beautiful women, girls around them… touching them by this means or the other… In fact, for many, Holi is the day when they are licensed to indulge in their licentiousness… of eve teasing… touching their female acquaintances and also those whom they do not know. At times, women complaint… and these miscreants say, “Holi Hain” (meaning I have the right to do this today)…

How, then, do we stop this? Someone tell me… It is for this reason that I do not play with colors on Holi… 😦

Passion for poetry…. Sunday, Mar 8 2009 

Guys, last night I read “Gitanjali”, a collection of Rabindranath Tagore’s poems. Unfortunately, I read the translated version 😦 Although what I read was a cut to cut translation, (hence it was in prose), it was an amazing experience. πŸ™‚Β  This edition had a preface by W.B.Yeats written in 1912. Yeats was amazed at the immense talent, creativity and humility with which each and every word, every alphabet was woven into these poems. Yeats mentions that he always wondered why Tagore is held with so much reverie in his country. When he read his works (of course, translated), he was completely under a spell. Same was my case. Gitanjali transports you to another world, in the true sense of the term. It is a union of your soul with the metaphysical realm, without leaving aside your physical realm. It is about love, loving His beings, his things in whatever form you find them. Tagore pens of each and everyone, each and every thing with so much grace that you fall in love with everything… the skies, the stars, the grass and even the weeds. πŸ™‚

Oh poor me! I again drift away from what I actually wanted to write. I have a friend of mine who is a known Marathi poet. When I had told him of having bought this book for myself (I bought Gitanjali one year ago and read it yesterday 😦 BAd Gurl, I know you must be saying this). He had, then, said, “Tagore is such a noble spirit and his poetry is of so much height that one must read him only in his original texts so as to understand a bit of him.” Being an eternal lazy bee, I just said, “Who’s going to learn Bengali for that? English is something I can understand at sight… so I am content with what I have (the translated version).” Yesterday, after reading some of his poems from Gitanjali, I realized I was wrong. What my friend said was right. If Tagore can keep you spell bound, elated with his translated works, how explosive will be the energy of his original works? How much calm will his pen provide when read in his native tongue? I must say, I am envious of everyone who knows to read, write and speak Bengali. Can someone teach me the language? I want to read the text in the original form? I do not want someone else to interpret the original for me? I do not want the food. I want to learn how to hunt. πŸ™‚

I have known, till date, several people who’ve read loads of books (my collection is close to negligible). At times, I used to wonder how come they have the patience to read so much? I have felt this urge many a times.But never have I put it into practice. After reading Tagore (although in the translated version), I have understood what this thirst really is. Poetry has the capability to move a person from the remotest part of his soul. This is where passion develops and this when you become a good reader… knowing many things, yet oblivious to many.Β  πŸ™‚

Amidst Nature… Friday, Mar 6 2009 

Yesterday, after a long while (of almost 20 days) (* 1 year back, my physician had declared that I was suffering from “bipolar disorder“… and he had consoled me saying almost all artists suffer from this problem.. in fact,that is a sign of a brilliant creative person). So, back to our story, After a long long while, I experienced blues. Blues because I contemplated on my actions and thought patterns of the recent past and I came to the conclusion that I was absolutely disorganized…. least focused towards my goal…unable to do anything, lethargic… and worst of it, I was feeling hopeless.

Let me disclose something from the core of my heart. You know guys, I believe people who are shallow, who engage in trivial pursuits are the lucky ones. They don’t think too much and so they do not know their limitations or frustrations… of course, they pine for something else (which is most of the times, some materialistic goal) but that’s another story. People like me, who know what they are going through, feel all the more depressed. Sometimes, knowing and understanding your inner mind is a bigger danger than anything else, which is what I most of the times go through. 😦

Anyways, I am not here to talk of the negative vibes that I feel. So… back to my blues. I shared this with one of my chat friends. (This is one advantage of your chat list. The people to whom you open your heart aren’t the ones whom you meet generally. So, you can rest assured that you can be absolutely open about anything that goes on in your mind. Hence, I told him everything.) And he suggested I must go out for a walk or have a nap. The lazy person as I am always, I would have rather chosen the second option. But, to my surprise, I opted for the first.

I went for a walk. πŸ˜‰ Thought, anywhich ways I have lose some extra pounds that I have put on. So, went ahead with a brisk walk to a place where I found nature, full of respite, serene and captivating.

I took my iPod with me, as I didn’t want any human voice to disturb me. I want to be alone, not lonely. πŸ™‚ I listened to those songs which I had heard at least more than 100 times till date. But, yesterday,they sounded different..completely different. I just swayed with the rythm of the songs, the pull of the breeze. Many say, twilight brings gloom and so one musn’t be alone in the evenings. Yesterday, I experienced the opposite. πŸ™‚

I can not word my experience. But I hope you now know what I felt, what I saw, what I heard… listening, eyeing, feeling the breeze… listening, eyeing, feeling nature…. listening, eyeing, feeling the calmer me… πŸ™‚

Excited… Thursday, Mar 5 2009 

These days, I am truly excited about my readership.Β  Day by day, my readership is increasing! πŸ™‚Β  Hence, one of the foremost tasks of the day is to log in to wordpress and check out the status of readership. Thanks to all you guys who are reading my posts, everyday, statistics show a rise in the number of times, my posts are being read… though they are less in number. I also thank wordpress for offering me this platform to express myself. Although people aren’t openly commenting on my posts, many of them have personally told me how much they’ve liked the write ups… how true each word is… how they’ve experienced the same feelings and were unable to write… I think, this has served my purpose. My intent in writing these posts is to make people read what they feel, rather than being confused with their own feelings. And feelings not only of love or sorrow (the most celebrated ones in all poetry and prose), but also of the common feelings they have… like when they are stuck up in a lift to when they have problems breathing when hit with a severe cold (these posts are in the making… so guys wait and watch ;)). To cut the long story short, it’s all about cognitive clarity. Many people possess these cognitive clarity but they are unable to word their thoughts. I am fortunate enough to possess this bliss.

Finally, I must thank all the posts which were written by me… someone elseΒ  (I don’t know who) told me to write them and so they are here. They have given me love from the readers, taught me how to maintain relationships with them, allowed me to showcase my talent as a poetess, have cleansed my soul and filled me with positive energy.

You know guys, this is the best thing about writing/blogging… in the process, you discover yourself… what else can one want from one’s hobby???

Relationships… Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

Every relationship has two participants. Depending on the involvement of the participants, one may determine who is the dominant one and who is the other. Who loves more than the other. This is not only the case with a love relationship, but in any relationship that you may find. A mother and child, a brother and sister, a father and daughter or between two friends. Things go fine when this relationship includes these two people. The moment the baggage of nostalgia or the shadow or the thoughts of a third person enters, or of the crowd around (people you know and talk of), it is then thatΒ the relationship starts decaying. And one fine day, comes the question, (indirectly of course), who is important? this third person or me??

You have to give an answer that avoids the storm. And your dear relation (the partner in the relationship) feels betrayed. H/She says, “your answer is self explanatory. You are more worried for this third person and you’ve shown me my position in your life.”

Your love is shattered, your relationship in pieces and you, depressed. How, then, do you calm the Tsunami that storms in your heart???