Zee TV has always tried to outshine against the other rival channels, but to no avail. Its wide range of daily soaps do not contain the spark that a Star Plus or Sony TV or Star One offers. Though the storyline of all the soaps is almost similar and in competition with the competitors, the cast and crew is disappointing.

However, one sees Zee TV’s honest endeavors when it comes to bringing into limelight “true talent”. SaReGaMa was the first reality TV show which brought to the fore some of the best singers of the current times. Not only when the show was hosted by Sonu Nigam was the show a hit, even when Shaan took the responsibility of being an anchor, the show still had its charm. Shaan has a mellifluous voice, coupled with his passionate and sensuous treble and base vocals. (By now, you must know that I am a die hard fan of Shaan… met him just once and I still wonder how I sang before him… ehhhh… nostalgia…. what a day it was :)) umm hmm… we must be back to our topic. :p SaReGaMaPa showcased amazing talent. The singers were just brilliant. Of course, there were some mediocre singers but there were some others who belonged to the “superlative” clan. 🙂

After this talent (or let’s say “singer”) hunt, Zee went into search for some real good dancing jewels and they brought “Dance India Dance” to the fore. 🙂 I can not qoute the TRP of this show but I strongly believe that it is one of the best dance shows ever seen on Indian television. These days, where the audience has now become aware of TRP tricks, this show offers pure entertainment. Such a relief! (I am talking of least TRP tricks on this show, not of “NO TRP TRICKS” :p)

Whats best on this show is the whole “on-screen” team (except the anchors). Finest dancers, brilliant choreographers and sheer entertainment. These dancers explicitly reveal the passion that they hold for dance. Every move, every shake is full of verve. Creativity at its blossom. Expert comments. (though I am not a dancer, I am keen at listening to them. as if someone is enlightening me about the world called “dance”:)) The lifts, moves, the style with which these dancers perform is beyond words!!! (in fact, at some points, when these dancers perform such stunts, my heart palpitates fearing he/she would fall or get hurt… but they are winners, all of them.)They do not know fear… neither of losing themselves, nor of losing this battle. As a singer, I learn a great deal from these dancers.. Long live all art forms!!! 🙂