These days, I am truly excited about my readership.  Day by day, my readership is increasing! 🙂  Hence, one of the foremost tasks of the day is to log in to wordpress and check out the status of readership. Thanks to all you guys who are reading my posts, everyday, statistics show a rise in the number of times, my posts are being read… though they are less in number. I also thank wordpress for offering me this platform to express myself. Although people aren’t openly commenting on my posts, many of them have personally told me how much they’ve liked the write ups… how true each word is… how they’ve experienced the same feelings and were unable to write… I think, this has served my purpose. My intent in writing these posts is to make people read what they feel, rather than being confused with their own feelings. And feelings not only of love or sorrow (the most celebrated ones in all poetry and prose), but also of the common feelings they have… like when they are stuck up in a lift to when they have problems breathing when hit with a severe cold (these posts are in the making… so guys wait and watch ;)). To cut the long story short, it’s all about cognitive clarity. Many people possess these cognitive clarity but they are unable to word their thoughts. I am fortunate enough to possess this bliss.

Finally, I must thank all the posts which were written by me… someone else  (I don’t know who) told me to write them and so they are here. They have given me love from the readers, taught me how to maintain relationships with them, allowed me to showcase my talent as a poetess, have cleansed my soul and filled me with positive energy.

You know guys, this is the best thing about writing/blogging… in the process, you discover yourself… what else can one want from one’s hobby???