In those times of lows and those ecstasies of highs, one feeling there was that kept me alive, “Love” as most call it. It is these rejuvenating droplets of the early dew called “Love” that soothed my soul when amidst a dark desert.:)

The best thing about love is that it keeps you engaged for all the time. Every moment, every breath of your life, you only think of your beloved, your love. And during these moments of lovely thoughts, Love teaches many other things as well. Patience, to begin with. Without patience, longing can not be enjoyed. Love isย  a complicated feeling that lets you taste the juices of both, the pain of longing and the hope of meeting and melting with the Beloved.

Love makes sure it transforms you into a beautiful human being, close to a celestial one. It keeps you happy and content to such an extent that you are unable to treat anyone with contempt. It carves out the most beautiful sculpture out of you, throwing away all the trash that your nature has.

However, the most heart warming quality of Love is that it makes you and your beloved, an integral part of each others’ personality. You miss him/her, and at the same time, you are sure of the fact that he/she already knows your pains ๐Ÿ™‚ Many people believe that your beloved is the one whom you can blindly trust upon, before whom you can express every thought and every feeling that comes to your mind… I believe, a beloved transcends this role…

You can share almost every joy, every sorrow with your closest friend as well. This is not the case with your beloved. Your beloved is inside you, you need not “speak” or “word” any thought or idea that flows through your mind. He/She already knows it. Love makes sure you become a part of your Beloved’s soul and he/she becomes part of you. ๐Ÿ™‚