My soul wanders in search of some calm,
Roams across aimless paths,
At times walks along straight lines,
At times drifts across,
Enters a dark, unknown tunnel,
To find light at the end.
But to no response.
My soul wanders like a barking dog,
Eyeing each door, each turn,
With mouth watering expectations,
Barking so that someone will listen.
But loses hope like a puppy does.
My soul flies high like an eagle in the noon,
With no respite, bald in the heat,
Changing flights, observing from higher and higher,
Only to find, distance increasing.
My soul finds peace
When it comes to your shade.
That is where my pangs find an end.
It is a celestial feeling,
Deeper than the dark of the night,
Cooler than the face of the moon,
Warmer than the kiss of a love,
Peaceful and peaceful.
16.02.09/04.45 am